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Machine Learning

Without machine learning, changes have to be made manually as things develop. Introducing machine learning to software allows for dynamic technology to adapt as your company progresses. With the world changing so rapidly around us, any business without machine learning capabilities will be left behind.


Why choose us for your machine learning needs?


Technology grows more complex each day. Machine learning facilitates rapid changes and updates without bottlenecking a project. Moreover, if a small piece malfunctions in the software, our machine learning can analyze , assess, and learn on the fly. Without it, your team will be stuck digging through data, sifting through code, and wasting precious time that could be spend making money. Choosing the best quality machine learning, such as that which we provide at Silicone Syrup, LTD., is paramount to navigating the complex world of IT management.

Focusing at Work

Big data machine learning in London

Machine learning automates pattern identification without the need for direct human intervention to slow things down. With the emergence of big data, artificial intelligence has to learn faster and more intuitively than ever. Big data requires navigating through massive volumes of information, either structured or unstructured, and somehow adapting with changes. It’s an impossible task to do without technology. Therefore, modern companies need big data machine learning to consolidate data for strategic business choices.


How does big data machine learning work?


In order to get the most out of the data, you need the right algorithms and data mining tools. Algorithms vary based on your needs - including SEO optimization, clustering, decision-trees, and more.


Think of big data machine learning as actual mining. You wouldn’t use a saw to excavate a hole. You need the right tools to stay safe, save time, and find gems at each level. Big data machine learning takes that philosophy and applies it to software. Our solutions take care of the hard work for you, presenting information daily to drive decisions that power you forward.


Get in touch today to learn more about big data machine learning and how we can help.

Machine learning companies

Our experts at Silicon Syrup work directly with industry-leading companies and startups to implement machine learning. In order for your business to achieve their visions and goals cost-effectively, information and feedback are key. Our machine learning solutions combine the latest proven technologies with your specific needs.


Machine learning requires top-notch computing and artificial intelligence software. Our team implements cloud computing and open source technology to drive consistent updates to keep your company in step. Not only do we help you discover software solutions, but we contribute to your business strategy as a whole. Years in the industry allow us to identity novel revenue channels, reduce churn, and improve processing in general.


As one of the leading machine learning companies in the UK, Silicon Syrup is proud to advance productivity across London. Contact us today to learn how your organisation can benefit from working with the experts in machine learning.

Cloud Machine Learning

Machine learning originated to help computers learn on the fly without reprogramming. Nowadays with the emergence of the cloud, machine learning brings algorithms to IT development so companies can predict patterns within data. These insights are critical to making intelligent, profitable business decisions. With cloud machine learning, these predictions improve over-time without the need for slow, inefficient human intervention.

Predictions made with cloud machine learning

  • Binary Predictions - discerning between yes and no responses. Useful in processing, making recommendations, and other non-complex cases

  • Category Predictions - studying data sets that learns information based on categories, such as retail solutions, finance, and more

  • Value Predictions - insight in to likely outcomes based on patterns present in the data

Lots of cloud-based machine learning solutions are available for use. Our experts at Silicon will guide you towards the perfect option for your specific business.

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