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Converting Information to Knowledge- Key Organisational Learning

Converting Information to Knowledge: Key Organizational Learning

As the mind develops, certain faculties are on schedule to develop during certain periods of an individual’s life. Development learning is the learning and mastering of abilities that happens at the appropriate time in cognitive development. There are different types of learning methods, including organisation learning, that are used to teach new skills in business.

Stages of leaning development continue throughout the duration of an individual’s life. The stage that covers adulthood includes a learning stage in which individuals develop problem-solving skills. These theories are developed in the field of adult learning and programs are available to help develop creative problem-solving skills in adults.

Many adult development learning programs include organisation learning which enables professionals to develop these key problem-solving skills. The result for the business is higher functioning employees and managers who will effectively increase their value to the company by developing these key skills.

Knowledge spurring productivity and innovation

Developing these skills helps the company develop innovatively, and its workers become more productive and effective. These adult developmental and organizational knowledge studies are more advantageous in the business world than anywhere else. More businesses are making learning an important part of business functions.

Organizational learning is gained through social interactions within a group and depends on the business organization itself. The informal interactions within the business’s structure facilitate learning. Within the organization, the concept of double-loop learning in which posits experience and knowledge form the basis for critical questions spurs action and deconstructs prior strategies to develop new and innovative business practices which spur growth.

Knowledge management

Organizational knowledge comes from a process that gains new information about its processes and its environment. There are several ways for organizations to learn in this way. The first is by teaching individuals within the organization a new skill or procedure. The second is bringing in others who are not a part of the organization to bring in new knowledge.

Within the organization, there are two types of learning. These are technical and social. Technical teaches how to process and respond to information both in and outside of the company, and social is the way people learn to make sense of their roles and experiences on the job.

Another word for organizational learning is knowledge management. Knowledge management separates and focuses on the differences between information and actual knowledge. While there is plenty of information available, many organizations don’t translate information into actual knowledge.

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